YHC Tech Tutor

** I’ve changed what I do from the video, see below for what I can help you with!!

I am a YHC coach and know what you need to run your business smoothly. Technology is something that I have in my back pocket, I’ve have a BA in Computer Graphic Art and over the years have developed a system that allows me to problem solve the technological challenges we run into while in YHC. Are you struggling with the tech component? As we know there are multiple facets of running your business. Don’t let the technology slow you down from carrying out your dharma. I can teach you some tricks of the trade.

I specialize in file organization, Mac shortcuts, iTunes audio file organization, helping to determine what you need for your online business and setting up your programs to communicate with each other. I can hook up your Email Service Provider to your WordPress website and specialize in the Genesis Framework. I work with LeadPages and ClickFunnels. I help give you more time to focus on your zone of genius.

I can build your simple website and make it rock with your vibes. I can create your graphics and manage your social media platforms because you really need someone to keep all of that going. I can manage and organize the emails that are starting to flood your inbox because you’re getting so visible and interesting to your growing tribe. And if you’ve got marketing materials to make or you venture into the world of ebooks or anything else that needs the hand of a graphic designer, I’ve got you covered.

I want to help you help others. You won’t have as much time to do that if you’re getting bogged down trying to figure out the techy stuff or spending hours sifting through emails, making graphics and creating Facebook ads. These tasks take up so much more time than you think. What else could you be doing with that time? How much more money could you be making? How much more could you expand your business if you had the support to do so?

If the wheels have started turning in your head, let’s talk. I’d love to chat and help you figure out how I can best support you so you have the time and energy to move more mountains.

Schedule a free 20 minute discovery call with me to see if we would be a great fit.

xx Natasha


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